October 8


Badger Model Boat Club  – 17-037 R
“Annual Turkey Shoot” 
Gas High Point &
Nitro 1/8 Scale Series points race.
TIME: 8:30 AM.  Driver meeting 8:15 AM.
Open water from 12 PM to 5 PM on Friday.
​Site open 7 AM Sat.

Badger Pond, 11th Place, Somers, WI 53177, in Kenosha County at intersection of 1-94 & Co Hwy E  Exit I-94 at Hwy E, go east 1/4 mile to E. Frontage Rd. Turn north on Frontage Rd. and go 500 ft. to 11th Place. Pond entrance is 300 ft. west of E. Frontage Rd.

CLASSES:  RTR Nitro; B Sport Tunnel; B Mod Tunnel; D Tunnel; B/D Mono; A/B/D/E Hydro; Sport 20; Sport 40; 1/8 Scale; Open Nitro; LSG Super Sport Mono; Jersey Skiff; Sport Hydro; Thunderboat; Open Gas; RTR P-Ltd Stock (4S or less); P-Ltd SS OPC Tunnel; P-Ltd SS Sport Hydro; P-Ltd SS  Mono; Open FE.
If you don’t see a class listed, register in open class and list desired class. If three or more of same type register there will be a class added. 3 boats to make a class.

This is a 1/4 mile FAT oval course, 6 laps, 3 rounds. Top four 1/8 Scale boats will race in Scale Final. Scale Consolation race if 7 or more boats race. Camping allowed on-site, no hookups. Concession stand. 50/50 Raffle! See flyer for more info.

Pre-registration required at RCRacingEvents.com by October 4. If you are unable to register online, call or email Doug or Duke and we will register for you.

CD: Duke Mordja  (262) 586-5024 
email: dukemorjr@gmail.com
Assistant CD: George Albrecht  (224) 587-7124  
​email: gwa1967@yahoo.com​

October 14 & 15


Huntsville Model Boating Association  – 17-024 R
“Rocket City Classic” 
TIME:  Sat. & Sun. Driver meeting 7 AM –
​first heats immediately following meeting.
Open water Oct. 13 – 9 AM to dusk, and Oct. 14 after races.
Brahan Spring Park South Lake - next to Natatorium (indoor pool), 2111 Drake Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35805

CLASSES:  AB, CD,E, F Single-engine Hydro;
Multi-engine Nitro Hydro;  Sport 40; Jersey Skiff; P Hydro; P Spec Cat; 1/8/Scale Hydro; B Sport OBD Tunnel; B Mod OBD Tunnel; Open OBD Tunnel; Crackerbox; B Mono; LSG Mono; Open Mono; LSG Cat; LSG Sport Hydro; Thunderboat; Open Hydro (Rigger, Sport Hydro, Cat & Electric - any IMPBA engine including twin engine setups).

Pre-registration is required by October 1 on RaceMastersEvents.com. 5 boats to make a trophy class. 5 rounds of racing weather permitting. Will run any IMPBA class with 3 boats minimum with no trophies. See flyer.

CD: Mark Bullard  (256) 303-6423  
email: markbullard@emipower.net
Assistant CD: Rick Grim (245) 650-0859  
​email: uavpilot@bellsouth.net

October 6 to 8


Huntsville Model Boating Association - 17-023 RT

Timed event for 1/16 mile SAW, 1/3 mile Oval,
​1/4 mile Oval.  “IMPBA Record Trials”
TIME: Event starts when timing system is operational – approx. 8 AM until dark
Brahan Spring Park South Lake - next to Natatorium (indoor pool), 2111 Drake Ave., Huntsville, AL 35805

CLASSES: Any IMPBA legal boat/hull/motor can run.
All IMPBA racing classes in Nitro, Gas & Fast Electric. 1/16 Mile SAW, 1/3 & 1/4 Mile Oval will be options at CD’s discretion & majority of contestants.  Pre-registration is not required –but please email Bill or Paul to let us know you will be coming. Plenty of room for tents and equipment. $25 flat fee run as often as weather permits. Fee is payable prior to first run.

NOTE: Witching Hour Rules (1 hour prior to sunset) -- Only drivers whose boats have been within 5% of the record during the event, or that current record holder will be allowed to run on the short list. Short list rules apply. See flyer.

CD: Bill Zuber  (256) 830-0835 
email: bzubee@gmail.com
Assistant CD: Paul Traufler  (256) 683-4129
email: wintrak@hiwaay.net

October 9 to 13   


Moraine Model Mariners of Pittsburgh – 17-006 RT
Timed event for 1/16 mile SAW. 
“Go Fast Record Trials 2017” 
Setup around 8 AM. Event will begin when equipment is ready.

Moraine State Park, 225 Pleasant Valley Road, Portersville, PA 16051 (Pleasant Valley Beach)
South Shore Recreation Area -- Take South Shore Exit off PA 422. Lots of parking and tent space.

Please have your paperwork filled out and ready for signature. MUST have current IMPBA card.

CLASSES: All IMPBA classes. Pre-registration encouraged. $25 flat fee to enter –come and go as you  please. Unlimited run time. Bring boots! Sound meter used. This will be a five day event running until 6 PM weather permitting (check local weather for 16051).
​Come and try our two-thousand by seven-hundred and fifty foot lake!

NOTE: Every evening at 4 PM -- Only drivers whose boats have been within 5% of the record during the event, or that current record holder will be allowed to run.

CD: Bob Morton (412) 298-0855 
​email: digapics@aol.com
Assistant CD: TBD each event day