July 21 to 23, 2017


Huntsville Model Boating Association - 17-022 RT

Timed event for 1/16 mile SAW, 1/3 mile Oval,
​1/4 mile Oval.  “IMPBA Record Trials”
TIME: Event starts when timing system is operational – approx. 8 AM until dark
Brahan Spring Park South Lake - next to Natatorium (indoor pool), 2111 Drake Ave., Huntsville, AL 35805

CLASSES: Any IMPBA legal boat/hull/motor can run.
All IMPBA racing classes in Nitro, Gas & Fast Electric. 1/16 Mile SAW, 1/3 & 1/4 Mile Oval will be options at CD’s discretion & majority of contestants.  Pre-registration is not required –but please email Bill or Paul to let us know you will be coming. Plenty of room for tents and equipment. $25 flat fee run as often as weather permits. Fee is payable prior to first run.

NOTE: Witching Hour Rules (1 hour prior to sunset) -- Only drivers whose boats have been within 5% of the record during the event, or that current record holder will be allowed to run on the short list. If no one on the short list elects to run, other participants from the daily list may run until someone on the short list elects to run again, however at no time may someone on the short list give up their spot to someone not on the short list.

CD: Bill Zuber  (256) 830-0835 
email: bzubee@gmail.com
Assistant CD: Paul Traufler  (256) 683-4129
​email: wintrak@hiwaay.net

July 22 & 23, 2017

Atlanta Model Boaters - 17-010  R 

“Atlanta Grand Prix”
TIME: Noon Sat. / 8 AM Sun.  Open water Friday after 5 PM / Saturday 8 AM - 11:30 AM EST

Morning Creek Lake, 1000 Naturally Fresh Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30349

CLASSES: Will be listed on RCRacingEvents.com.

Rule Deviations: Any gas engine up to 30.5 cc allowed in LSG 23-30 classes.  Electrics allowed in 60 Scale. P-Limited motor restrictions (See RCRacingEvents.com for more details.) Pre-registration is required by July 16.  3 boats to make a class.

CD: Wendy Morton  (404) 761-3775 
​email: norwen@att.net  

July 22 & 23, 2017


Driftwood R/C Model Boat Club - 17-013 R
“Celina Summer Challenge XXVI”  
Open water Friday, July 21, 1 PM - 5:30 PM

Eastview Park Pond, SR 29, East Magnolia Drive, Celina, OH 45822

CLASSES: B Tunnel, Mono, Hydro, Sport Tunnel;  Sport 20 Hydro;  D Mono, Hydro; Sport 40; 1/8 Scale;  RTR;  OPEN  Rigger, Tunnel, Gas Spt Hydro, Gas Mono, Gas Cat; Thunderboat; Cracker Box; Jersey Skiff; Gas Scale;  SS Gas Mono; P Ltd Tunnel; P Ltd Sport Hydro

Rule Deviations: P Ltd rules – Any Mono and Sport Hydro hull under 34”. Any Tunnel Hull. Any speed control. Motors:  SV-27, Blackjack, UL-1.  14.8v (4S). 6 lap heats.
RTR– District 14 rules apply, Series Points- District Rules apply - see flyer and www.impba14.com/news/news.htm for details.

Pre-registration required by July 15 at RaceMastersEvents.com. 5 boats to make a trophy class. 3 boats to make a racing class. 150 boat limit/classes may be combined.On-site camping permitted (no hookups). Several motels nearby.

CD: Dan Kramer  (419) 692-1136 
email: dkramer@wcoil.com
Assistant CD: Garry Geiselman  (260) 437-0143 
email: garry.geiselman@gmail.com