July 13 & 14, 2019


Driftwood R/C Model Boat Club  (19-012 R)
“Celina Summer Challenge XXVII”  
Open water Friday, July 12, 1 PM - 5:30 PM
Eastview Park Pond, SR 29, East Magnolia Drive, Celina, OH 45822

CLASSES: B, D Mono; B, D Hydro; B Tunnel; B Sport Tunnel;  Sport 20 Hydro;  Sport 40; 1/8 Scale;  RTR;  OPEN  Rigger, Tunnel, Gas Spt Hydro, Gas Mono, Gas Cat; Thunderboat; Cracker Box; Jersey Skiff; Gas Scale;  SS Gas Mono; P Ltd Tunnel/Cat; P Ltd Sport Hydro.​

NOTE: P Ltd rules – Any Mono hull under 34”.  Any Sport Hydro hull under 34”. Any Tunnel Hull. Any speed control. Motors:  SV-27, Blackjack, UL-1.  14.8v (4S). 6 lap heats.
RTR– District 14 rules apply. Series Points- District Rules apply - see flyer.

Pre-registration required by June 25 at RaceMastersEvents.com. 5 boats to make a trophy class.  3 boats to make a racing class. 150 boat limit/classes may be combined.
On-site camping permitted (no hookups). Several motels nearby.

CD: Dan Kramer  (419) 692-1136 
email: dkramer@wcoil.com
Assistant CD: Garry Geiselman  (260) 437-0143 
email: garry.geiselman@gmail.com

July 20, 2019


Southern Tier NY RC Model Boaters   (19-018 R)

NY State Championship Series - Race #3 

Open water Friday
Skip’s Country Pond, 11755 East Hill Road, Pine City, NY 14871 (3 miles from Caton). 

CLASSES: All IMPBA Nitro, Gas & FE classes. 3 boats to make a class. Race committee reserves the right to combine classes. Refer to race flyer for additional details. Pre-registration is required by July 19.

Full-size course with 5 buoy turns and very smooth water. Raised & covered driver’s stand & covered pit tables. Lots of parking & camping space! Best 4 finishes to determine high-points winner. Season champions receive embroidered 2019 shirt!

CD: Pete Forcier  (607) 738-4631  email: pkforcier@juno.com
Assistant CD: Sue Rodas  (585) 594-4844