July 13 & 14, 2019 - NEW DATE


Driftwood R/C Model Boat Club  (19-012 R)
“Celina Summer Challenge XXVIII”  
Open water Friday, July 12, 1 PM - 5:30 PM
Eastview Park Pond, SR 29, East Magnolia Drive, Celina, OH 45822

CLASSES: B, D Mono; B, D Hydro; B Tunnel; B Sport Tunnel;  Sport 20 Hydro;  Sport 40; 1/8 Scale;  RTR;  OPEN  Rigger, Tunnel, Gas Spt Hydro, Gas Mono, Gas Cat; Thunderboat; Cracker Box; Jersey Skiff; Gas Scale;  SS Gas Mono; P Ltd Tunnel/Cat; P Ltd Sport Hydro.​

NOTE: P Ltd rules – Any Mono hull under 34”.  Any Sport Hydro hull under 34”. Any Tunnel Hull. Any speed control. Motors:  SV-27, Blackjack, UL-1.  14.8v (4S). 6 lap heats.
RTR– District 14 rules apply. Series Points- District Rules apply - see flyer.

Pre-registration required by June 25 at RaceMastersEvents.com. 5 boats to make a trophy class.  3 boats to make a racing class. 150 boat limit/classes may be combined.
On-site camping permitted (no hookups). Several motels nearby.

CD: Dan Kramer  (419) 692-1136 
email: dkramer@wcoil.com
Assistant CD: Garry Geiselman  (260) 437-0143 
email: garry.geiselman@gmail.com

July 20, 2019


Southern Tier NY RC Model Boaters   (19-018 R)

NY State Championship Series - Race #3 

Open water Friday
Skip’s Country Pond, 11755 East Hill Road, Pine City, NY 14871 (3 miles from Caton). 

CLASSES: All IMPBA Nitro, Gas & FE classes. 3 boats to make a class. Race committee reserves the right to combine classes. Refer to race flyer for additional details. Pre-registration is required by July 19.

Full-size course with 5 buoy turns and very smooth water. Raised & covered driver’s stand & covered pit tables. Lots of parking & camping space! Best 4 finishes to determine high-points winner. Season champions receive embroidered 2019 shirt!

CD: Pete Forcier  (607) 738-4631  email: pkforcier@juno.com
Assistant CD: Sue Rodas  (585) 594-4844

July 20 & 21, 2019


Atlanta Model Boaters  (19-034 R)
“2019 Atlanta Grand Prix”  
TIME: 9 AM Sat. / 8 AM Sun.
Open water July 19 after 5 PM / July 20 from
7 AM - 8:30 AM EST
Morning Creek Lake, 1000 Naturally Fresh Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30349

CLASSES: B Hydro; B Mono; B, D Tunnel; LSG 23-30 Cat, Mono, Rigger, Sport Hydro, Tunnel; LSG 23-30 Crackerbox-Skiff; Thunderboat; Open Hydro, Mono, Offshore, Tunnel;  P-Limited Hydro-Rigger, Mono, OB Tunnel, Offshore, Sport Hydro; P, Q Mono; Super Sport Mono; Scale 60; Sport 40; Sport B Tunnel.

3 boats to make a class. Pre-registration is required by July 14.  Entries handled via www.RCRacingEvents.com.  

Rule Deviations: Any gas engine up to 30.5 cc allowed in LSG 23-30 classes.  Electrics allowed in 60 Scale. P-Limited motor restrictions (See RCRacingEvents.com for more details.)

CD: Julie Gilley  (229) 392-4936 
email: sowegamodelboaters117@gmail.com 

July 6 & 7, 2019


Badger Model Boat Club  (19-039 R)
“Badger FireCracker Challenge”
TIME: 8:30 AM.  Driver meeting 8:15 AM.

Open water Friday, July 5 from Noon to 5 PM.
Badger Pond, 11th Place, Somers, WI 53177, in Kenosha County at intersection of 1-94 & Co Hwy E  Exit I-94 at Hwy E, go east 1/4 mile to E. Frontage Rd. Turn north on Frontage Rd. and go 500 ft. to 11th Place. Pond entrance is 300 ft. west of E. Frontage Rd.

On Google Map, search "Badger Model Boat Club Pond"

CLASSES:  All IMPB classes offered. Listings on RaceMastersEvents.com. If you don’t see your class listed, register in open class and contact Dave or George. We will create classes to fit or keep you in Open. 3 boats to make a class. 5 heats over 2 days. Shootout format for classes with 8 or more boats. Top four 1/8 Scale boats will race in Nitro Scale Final. Custom Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for all classes with 5 or more entries. Photo certificate for all finishes.

Pit Party Grill Out 5 PM to 9 PM Friday night! Camping allowed on-site, no hookups. Lunch available for donation both days provided by local Goldwing MC. See flyer on www.impba.net.

Pre-registration required at RaceMastersEvents.com   by June 28. If you are unable to register online, call or email Dave or George and we will register for you.

Questions? Call Fred Hartley (414) 331-2566
​email: fred.hartley@frontier.com
CD: Dave Halverson  (847) 613-8745   
email: Davidh144@aol.com
Assistant CD: George Albrecht  (224) 587-7124  
​email: gwa1967@yahoo.com