August 19 & 20, 2017

Minute Breakers Model Boat Club – 17-008 R 
“2017 Minute Breaker Classic”  TIME:  9 AM
Lake Mendota at Mendota Park, Mendota, IL 61342

CLASSES: B, D, E/F Mono;  A, B, D, E/F Hydro;  B, D, E/F Modified Tunnel;  B Stock Tunnel;  Classic Thunderboat; Sport 20; Sport 40; 1/8 Scale; B Tunnel Novice (open to racers never placing higher than 2nd at a model boat race); Gas Sport Mono; Gas Sport Tunnel; Gas Sport Hydro; Jersey Skiff.

Audio clock. Mufflers required. IMPBA and District 4 rules apply.  4 boats to make a class. Pre-registration is required by Aug. 17. No phone entries. Food on site. Motels nearby. See flyer for additional information

Co-CD’s: Larry Gemp (312) 656-2688  &
Gary Preusse (630) 279-2451
​email Larry at:

August 12 & 13, 2017

Northern Lights Model Boat Club – 17-002 R 
“The Can-Am”  TIME: 9 AM
Open water Fri. Noon - 5 PM

Fifty Point Conservation Area, 1479 Baseline Road, Winona, ON  L8E 3L8

CLASSES: All IMPBA classes. Rule Deviation: 1/8 Scale and “Sport 60” combined.
Pre-registration required. Oneida Cup awarded for a racer running highest points in two classes. Under 17 run FREE – Novice Trophy. Huge raffle and 50/50 drawings each day!

CD: Terry Keeley (905) 819-4571 
Assistant CD:  Randy Rapedius  (289) 396-3465 

August 6, 2017

Marquette RC Boat Club  – 17-044 R 
“Chicago Challenge”  TIME: 8:45 AM
Cook County Forest Preserve-Midlothian Reservoir, 16th & Cicero Avenue, Oak Forest, IL 60452

CLASSES:  A Hydro; B Hydro; B Tunnel; D Hydro; D Tunnel;  E/Open Hydro; E-F/Open Mono (includes Gas); 1/8 Scale (Double Points); Gas Super Sport; Gas Sport Hydro; Jersey Skiff (includes Crackerbox); Thunderboat.

Audio clock. No re-launch. 1/4 mile oval with 35 ft. radius turn. 3 boats to make a class – classes may be combined to accommodate racers. 3 rounds of racing – time and weather permitting. Optional pre-registration at reduced rates on $13 per boat pre-registered or $15 per at the race. Pre-registration deadline is Aug. 1. Food available for a donation. 50/50 Raffle.

CD: Jeff Benuzzi  (630) 605-7437 
Assistant CD:  Joe Lauletta (708) 220-3311 

August 6, 2017

Transom Twisters Model Boat Club – 17-030 R 
“HydroFest 2017”   TIME: 8 AM
Kelly Lake Park, 1130 Munson Street, Burton, MI 48509-1814

NITRO CLASSES:  1/8 Scale; Sport 40; A Hydro;
B Hydro, D Hydro; RTR
GAS CLASSES: Thunderboat, Sport Hydro;
LSG 27 Mono; LSG 27 Cat.

Pre-registration required. 3 boats to make a class.

CD: Tom Kelly (586) 566-0639 
Assistant CD:  Mark Baetens  (586) 945-0467 

August 20, 2017

Prop Walkers Model Boat Club – 17-028 R 
“Peck Schuman Memorial Race”   TIME: 9 AM
Open water Aug. 19, Noon to 4 PM 

Krueger Lake, Jefferson Proving Grounds, 101 W. JPG Ordnance Dr., Madison, IN 47250

CLASSES: RTR; Sport 20; Sport 40; Thunderboat; Scale; Crackerbox; B Sport Tunnel; A/B Hydro; LSG Sport Hydro; Open LSG; Open Nitro.  Pre-registration is not required.  3 boats to make a class.

CD: Don McKay  (812) 493-5242 

August 26 & 27, 2017

Capitol R/C Model Boat Club – 17-043 R 
“Big Guns at Bull Run”   TIME: 8 AM Sat. & Sun.
Open water Aug. 25 starting 1 PM 

14631 Compton Road, Centreville, VA 20121-2506

CLASSES: Novice; RTR Nitro/FE; B/P Mono; B/P Hydro; D Hydro; D Mono; Open Nitro/FE Hydro; Open Nitro/FE Mono; B/P Ltd. OB Tunnel; B Sport OB Tunnel; D Tunnel; Open Nitro-FE Cat; Sport 20/P Ltd. Sport Hydro; Sport 40/Q Sport Hydro; 1/8 Scale Nitro/FE; LSG Mono, Rigger, Sport Hydro; Thunderboat; Super Sport (Mono); Open Offshore.

Pre-registration is required by Aug. 21. 3 boats

to make a class. Lunch provided Saturday. Raffle.

CD: Mike Chirillo (571) 550-1035

August 19 & 20, 2017


Southern Tier NY RC Model Boaters – 17-047  R
“NY State Championship Series – Race #3”  
Open water Friday 9 AM to 8 PM

Skip’s Country Pond, 11755 East Hill Road, Caton (Pine City), NY 14871. 

CLASSES: All IMPBA Nitro, Gas & FE classes. 3 boats to make a class. Race committee reserves the right to combine classes. Refer to race flyer for additional details. Pre-registration is required. Raised & covered driver’s stand & covered pit tables. Lots of parking & camping space!

CD: Pete Forcier  (607) 738-4631 
Assistant CD: Sue Rodas  (585) 594-4844 

August 5, 2017

Southern Indian Propnuts – 17-051 R 
“Huber Wine Run”   TIME: 9 AM

(Open water time to be determined.)
Huber Pond at Huber Orchard and Winery, 19816 Huber Rd., Starlight, IN 47106

CLASSES: RTR; Sport 20; Sport 40; 1/8 Scale; B Sport Tunnel; Open Tunnel; B Hydro; LSG Sport Hydro; Thunderboat; Crackerbox; LSG Cat; LSG Mono; LSG Scale ; RTR per D14 rules apply.
5 boats to make a class -classes with less than 5 entries may be dropped. Pre-registration is required by Aug. 2.

CD: Mike Starrett  (812) 704-8576