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Why Should I Join?

RC Boating is a fun and exciting family hobby whether you are racing or simply running your boats with others! The best place to run RC boats is on an IMPBA pond devoted to boating—making your boating time safer and more enjoyable. The IMPBA organization provides General Liability insurance coverage to its members while they are participating on a covered pond. Join a club, or just join IMPBA, and you’ll meet a great group of people who have the same passion for building and running boats!

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What is the IMPBA?

The International Model Power Boat Association is a non-profit organization which was started in 1949 by a dedicated group of model boat enthusiasts. They created the organization to foster model power boat building, and to encourage and assist in the formation of clubs. We provide a uniform set of rules for racing and records. Go anywhere in the country to an IMPBA event and you can expect racing rules and event rules to be consistent. We have 14 Districts and an additional District 21 established for everyone outside the US and Canada.

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