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IMPBA membership dues include commercial general liability and property damage insurance for individual members, registered clubs, municipal or state park boards or landowners. The IMPBA insurance covers property damage caused by model power boats that are operated on IMPBA insured bodies of water for which member clubs have submitted the correct application (a Club Registration and Insurance Application form) and have been issued an insurance certificate. Since rates or coverages may vary from time to time, up-to-date insurance information may be obtained from the IMPBA office.


Membership Coverage

All members in good standing will be covered at “sponsored, scheduled, and supervised activities.” This means the coverage is good at sanctioned and club races.  IMPBA insurance does cover boaters during open water and practice sessions as long as you are following the safety procedures outlined through the IMPBA, and such events take place on an IMPBA insured body of water only. IMPBA’ s policy is considered a primary policy and would cover any accidents or property damage that may occur on an IMPBA insured body of water.


Non-Member Coverage

The insurance does not cover any person who is not a paid member of IMPBA regardless of what other club or organization he may belong. Paid members of other boating organizations may pay a single-event fee of $15.00 fee for membership dues during that event only. The application and payment must be mailed by the host club to the Executive Office of IMPBA the first working day after accepted.

Therefore, no person may operate or assist in the operation of a model power boat, or enter the pit area, or operate a retrieve boat at any IMPBA sanctioned event on an IMPBA insured pond, and be covered by this insurance, unless he is a paid member of IMPBA.