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TOPIC: The IMPBA Secretary

The IMPBA Secretary 1 year 1 month ago #692

Yes I know that you are the president. I made a type-o and have went back and corrected it. This is in no way to have any control on what has happened and based on the rules you can choose anyone you want for that position with board approval. But if you read the post that I just posted you will see why we are doing this. There has not been enough connection between the membership and the board for a long time. These are important matters and the board is going to have to stop rushing things thru like this with no contact with the members. This is why we have some of the problems we have now. We (The IMPBA) should have put this out to the members first and to see if anyone wanted the job and met the requirments and this includes your wife. Then the board could have looked at all of the applicants and been able to make better decision. And what ever you and the board selected would be fine.
What we are doing is working on the future in a new way.

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The IMPBA Secretary 1 year 1 month ago #693

Luc White wrote:
the Minutes from the last meeting are on the Dec..2013 roostertail
and also here www.impba.net/index.php/impba-minutes

Thank you Luc,
It took a long time to get these on here but sorry they are not all there.
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The IMPBA Secretary 1 year 1 month ago #694

  • Dick Tyndall
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To Dr. Gary Turner and Mark Bullard,
I cannot believe what is going on here. Two longtime, respected members of IMPBA are trying to disrupt, cause serious damage and cause great havoc to the IMPBA Board, the organization and its members. I cannot believe that you would email as many members as you have with this crap. Obviously you have no idea what stuff like this can do to an organization. There are rules that we follow and they are there for a purpose. Mark, you and I have gone round and round about rules in the Rule Book before and I guess you still don't know how that works. If you want to propose a change to something in the Rule Book, get with your District Director or BETTER YET, you run for Director and show up at the Board meeting in Evansville next June and the whole Board will listen to you then. You guys are putting a good tarnish on your reputations.
As for having a problem with Chris' wife Lynne being Secretary...........do you know her personally? Has someone told you something about her having a poor work ethic or a lack of job skills? I hardly think so. The hardest thing I had to do when I was President was to fire the Secretary. Not only did I do it by the Rule Book, I talked personally to each District Director ( voting members )and asked their opinion on replacing the Secretary with my wife. We all knew it had to be done. IMPBA was in a mess. I could say things that happened at that time that would SHOCK people even today, but it would serve no purpose. My wife pulled IMPBA out of a hole and got things running right before handing it off to the next person 2 years later. There was a power shift in the organization during this time that didn't go over well with some long time members. Things were required of my wife that were not required by the previous Secretary and she met these requirements. The pressure was still there when she had had enough 2 years later, But IMPBA was back on solid ground again. So there you go...........it does work with a President and a Secretary in the same house. In fact, I believe IMPBA will be more efficient with it this way. Because I have SEEN IT WORK! Both of you need to get back to building some more fast boats and let Lynne and Chris do their jobs. If something doesn't go like it should we'll know about it soon enough. But don't complain about something that hasn't happened and most likely won't. It kinda makes you two look sorta like the bad guys in all of this, you know?
John Equi did a fantastic job for the last 9 years. We are very grateful to have people like him that are dedicated to IMPBA to see it continue to go forward. When are you guys going to step up?

Dick Tyndall
President, IMPBA 1995-1998
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The IMPBA Secretary 1 year 1 month ago #697

  • Don Ferrette
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I'm glad to see this is here on the IMPBA forum now where it belongs, had this occured like I originally asked perhaps Mr. Moorehouse wouldn't have dished out the time outs he handed down to a few individuals but enough of that.......

First I find it hard to see why now all of a sudden this is a big deal when this has been done successfully in the past. A secretary who served while being wife of the President set the standard for that position to a level that NO ONE, not even Mr. Equi has reached since. I have been contacted by IMPBA members both from within and outside my district who want to know what the real agenda is here as they are not buying into what is being said in this "petition" I also have had members contact me who are seriously upset about the mass e-mail bomb sent out with some asking for disiplinary action by the BOD against it's authors. Regardless even IF this becomes a proposal and IF it gets from the BOD out to membership and IF it actually passes you do realize that as far as Lynn Rupley becoming IMPBA secretary that it is already a DONE DEAL! Lynn was approved unanimously by the BOD all done 100% BY THE RULE BOOK as it currently stands and she will be able to hold the position as long as she does a good job and meets the requirements of said position. If you want to change the CURRENT EXISTING RULES regarding how this position is determined in the future then by all means feel free to submit this through PROPER CHANNELS as it should be done, for now this is a non issue for the current new secretary.
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The IMPBA Secretary 1 year 1 month ago #698

  • John Knight
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I too am quite dismayed at these recent developments by two long term IMPBA members. These actions are despicable, totally irresponsible, most damaging to the reputation of IMPBA and they are not warranted. There have been many other occasions that a similar situation has worked very well for IMPBA and it's members. I know Chris well enough that his best interest rests with IMPBA and it's members and I am certain that Lynne knows his commitment and shares the very same commitment as well.

You two guys have some very hard soul searching to do. If you do not want to contribute to the overall success of IMPBA, then why are you here? Be part of the success and solution and not A PROBLEM. Get on the national BOD as a DD and try to make a POSITIVE difference for the betterment of IMPBA.

Mark/Doc - Do NOT contact me in any manner about this subject. I do not want to hear it or any type of justification that you may think you have. You have lost respect from many of us and absolutely have with me - actually the second strike with me.
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The IMPBA Secretary 1 year 1 month ago #725

Chris you have 100% of my support on this. I have heard from many folks in my district that agree with the secretary decision. I wish you the best and if you need anything let me know.
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The IMPBA Secretary 1 year 3 weeks ago #736

Anybody have the long list of people waiting for the opportunity to take this job over? :laugh:

Thanks for stepping up and supporting the organization. It is greatly appreciated. My mom was secretary for quite a few years and it can be quite the thankless job.

We have enough problems getting new members to participate in this hobby and behavior like this is doing nothing to promote the hobby, which is supposed to be the #1 goal of IMPBA.
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The IMPBA Secretary 1 year 2 weeks ago #738

Mark you have a valid concern for this :-) We all know that interpersonal relationships can be volatile :-) I hope for their case and ours that this does not become a problem ! I wish everyone happiness :-) I don't think that your questions are anything personal :-)
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